First C2B platform making consumer voice stronger !!

We, at WG, believe that there are two sets of consumers who:

  1. know the specific product / service they want, OR
  2. know what specifications they want in their product / service

WishGini ("WG") provides complete flexibility to either set of consumers to go online and make a wish.

Step 1:

As soon as consumer ('you') put in price for products and services (either specific good or broad specification), we check with vendors, within your geography, who can match your expectations.

Step 2:

Interested Vendors will respond to Consumer's wish and will either (i) accept, or (ii) provide counter offer or (iii) seek further clarifications.

Step 3:

Responses from various Vendors can be accessed through the WishList (Inbox) of the website.

• WG provides complete flexibility to interact with vendor/s (by way of message box – separate message box for each vendor) and all interactions are anonymous.

• Provides you complete flexibility to converse including photo sharing and arrive at consensus.

Step 4:

At any point, Wish can be accepted by any party (either Vendor/s or Consumer). Once vendor accepts the wish, consumer receives his/her contact details and vice-versa. Hence, there is no offline push by any party to sell / purchase.

Step 5:

Once consumer accept wish from any vendor, the wish is closed.

Step 6:

Payment is made directly to vendor and products / service is purchased / availed.

Wish responsibly to help us fulfill your wish and make consumer voice louder and stronger to be heard